The Witchpreneur Academy

Invoke your inner Boss Witch &

conjure a little magick into your business

Question for you:

What’s The Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Witchpreneur?

A witchpreneur works with magick in all aspects of their business. Their goal is to make an impact in the world by co-creating with the cosmos, following their passions, and being paid what they are worth.


An entrepreneur that fully embraces their Divine Witchiness by fusing practical magic with spiritual magick to enrich their business and lessen their financial risks.


A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Does this sound familiar to you:

* You believe in magick.

* You listen to your spirit guides.

* You have an ever-growing collection of essential oils and crystals.

* You are a modern-day mystic.

* You hate the idea of working for someone else.

* You have huge dreams and ambitions and really want to make a big impact in the world.

* You are ready and willing to shift your business from being mundane to being magickal.

If that sounds about right, then

You Know Things Need To Change…

...you're tired

of feeling out of sync

… you’re done

living in the broom closet

… you’re sick

of feeling left behind


Is This Your Current Reality?…

You’ve always had big dreams of being your own boss with a successful business that brings you big profits and big happiness.

So you hired a coach and took an online business course… and then you waited and waited, but nothing.

Anxiety started creeping its way into your life and business bringing with it thoughts of self-doubt and shame.

So you hired a different type of coach and took an online marketing course. This time you got more interest in your business… but nothing that actually generated the money that you know your business is worth.

Stress and anxiety are now with you 24/7. You are confused as to why you are not seeing the results that you envisioned.

So you upped your game and outsourced your graphics, redesigned your website, and took an online spiritual abundance course. This time your sales improved a teeny tiny bit but now you’re left with feelings of utter desperation. You start to second guess yourself and wonder if your business idea is really viable. You begin to doubt whether you’re really cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Before you call it quits on your dream, I want to remind you of one important thing that you may have forgotten:

You are a Soulful Witch!

So why aren’t you acting like one in your business?

How long will it be before you fully own the status of Witchprenuer?

It’s time to wake up your inner witchpreneur

Imagine how it would feel to…

… sell TF out

of everything you create

… show up as

your true witchy woo self

… be aligned AF

with your biz goals

You Deserve To Run An Enchantingly Successful Biz & I’m Going To Help You Do Just That!

You Deserve To Run An Enchantingly Successful Biz & I’m Going To Help You Do Just That!

Welcome To

The Witchpreneur Academy

Here you’ll learn how to connect to your intuition and make empowered decisions guided from within to attract more money and soul-aligned clients into your business.

The Witchpreneur Academy provides witchy entrepreneurs with rituals and magick as an alternative to traditional methods of managing mindset, decision making, and creation.


Gaze Into Your Crystal Ball…

Imagine walking into your office one day and really feeling the creative and serene energy in that space. Your hand brushes over the crystals placed lovingly on your altar. As soon as you open your laptop the pinging starts – those notification sounds that alert you to new emails, testimonials, and sales notifications that came through overnight. You become excited at the prospect of having new clients and more money deposited into your bank account.

Once you’ve checked your emails and maybe returned a few phone calls or voxer messages, you check your bank account. Yes, the money is still there and, what’s more, the money is still coming in!

You lean back in your chair and take a deep relaxing breath. Magick now runs through your business in multiple different ways. The entire energy of your business has shifted. You feel more empowered. You know how to increase your cash flow and attract more clients whenever the need arises. You love being a Witchpreneur!

Ready to own your Witchpreneur powers?


Here’s How We Summon Your Witchprenuer Magick…

The Business Year runs on four quarters and these quarters are akin to the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

The first quarter = Water

The second quarter = Air

The third quarter = Earth

The fourth quarter = Fire

The Witchpreneur Academy is a year-long membership focused around the four business quarters and their four corresponding elements. Each month you’ll learn an aspect of business and an aspect of witchery.

Portal 1

Biz Witchery

Being a Witchpreneur is more than just a way of life

Learn how your mind can create the magic you need and learn to use your personal mojo to create a magickal plan of action for your business.

Portal 2

Hearth Witchery

These rituals are designed to help you with:

Prosperity & Abundance
Business Success
Calling in your Kismet Clients
Embodying your Rich Witch self

Portal 3

Spirit Animal Collective

Learn about the different animal spirits and how to include them in your magic.

Portal 4

Soul Witchery

A Witch’s true power lies in understanding themselves

Understand the witch wound, invoke your inner witch, enhance your intuition, and define your personal witch story.

Portal 5

The Spell of the Month Club

Access to the monthly printable pdf grimoire – The Spell of the Month Club

When you join The Witchpreneur Academy you’re also going to get access to:


Learn about the magical prosperity attracting properties of crystals.

Value = $97


The best witchy apps, websites, & cyber spells for today’s digital witchpreneur.

Value = $97


The Club is a monthly digital grimoire subscription.

Value = $17

Ready to snag over $300 in bonuses?

Let’s wrap it all up

Here’s what you get when you join The Witchpreneur Academy today:

Instant access to the Witchpreneur Academy membership

Private invitation to the new Witchpreneur Magick FB Community

Bonus #1: Crystal Witchery

Bonus #2: Tech Witchery

Bonus #3: The Spell of the Month Club

Choose Your Level of Commitment

Want a sneak peak?

Here’s the lineup for the next 12 months

*Each monthly content is subject to change 

Mindset Reset

New Year Evaluation

Business Growth

Automation Systems

3 Hour Workday

Booked Out Onboarding

Holiday Sales

Side Hustle Income

Multiple Income Streams

Sales Planning

Avoiding Biz Burnout

Social Media Networking


Invoke Your Inner Witchprenuer, Conjure Your Success, And Empower Your Witchy AF Self?


Happy Clients


Thank you so much Libbii, for all of the love and devotion you have put into this coven. As a witch who didn’t even realize she was a witch, I appreciate your expertise on a variety of subjects and the way you present the information. I know that I can dive in and submerge myself, or take some space to process it all whenever I need. You’re very resourceful & brilliant in your craft, and I’m eternally grateful to have a witchy mama like you to guide me.

‘When the student is ready, the master appears’.

Shidiah Clark

Have a Question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever the words Witch, witchcraft, witchery, or magic is used, most people have a gut reaction that makes their heart skip a beat – either in fear or in excitement.

Here are some of my most often asked questions to help you decide if your heart is skipping from fear or excitement about joining.

I'm not a witch. Can I still join?

Yes! All my memberships and courses are for anyone interested in co-creating with the universe. People of all faith backgrounds have taken my courses.

What is Witchery and Magick?

Witchery is the practice of daily magick. And magick is the result of merging your innate spiritual power with the natural elements.

Isn't Witchcraft evil?

Witchcraft, and magick in general, is about shaping reality to your will. Nothing is evil unless you make it so. It really all depends on your intent. Nowadays we all have strong ethical boundaries and integrity to help us navigate the world we currently live in.

Is this only for female witches?

No! Anyone who acknowledges their magick and wants to empower and educate themselves is welcome to take any of my courses.

What happens after I purchase?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join our exclusive FB group.

Do you offer a refund or guarantee?

No. Refunds are not accepted due to the digital nature of the content. No guarantees are offered either for your monetary success because, quite honestly, you can’t make me any quarantees that you’ll apply all of the lessons learned inside the membership.

You are so ready for this journey

Come with me on this magical journey as you become empowered with spiritual and magickal tools to invoke your inner witchpreneur so that you can release imposter syndrome, conjure abundance, and enrich your business on your own terms.





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