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Four Magical Pantry Items

The ingredients in your pantry can have various energetic and physical effects. These can be used intentionally for healing or a curated experience of flavorful enjoyment. Kitchen witches intentionally alchemize the bounties of mother earth into edible magic. Food is nourishment, medicine, comfort, and pleasure. A kitchen witch uses her magic to create delicious and healing meals and remedies.

Kitchen Witchcraft is closely linked to Green Witchcraft as a Kitchen Witch that benefits greatly from having in-depth knowledge about the nature and effects of her ingredients. This can take a lifetime of experience but the learning and experimentation are part of the great enjoyment of being a Kitchen Witch.

These four magical items are just a few ingredients that you can use with knowledge and intent. Continue to hone your Kitchen Witchcraft by similarly researching the contents of your pantry. As a Kitchen Witch, it is also in your best interest to stay synchronized with the earth’s seasonal cycles. Be mindful and try to use local seasonal fruits and vegetables in your kitchen creations.


Sage has an energy that is cleansing and protective. It is a beneficial herb for improving memory and can also help with digestive problems as well as to revive a lost appetite.

In this instance, sage will be used within your cooking so if you are harvesting from a garden make sure the species you use is safe for culinary use, especially too if you’re wildcrafting. You can enjoy both fresh and dried sage in your cooking:


  • A delicious witchy and festive combination is sage with pumpkin or squashes.
  • Drinking sage tea is said to help with soul purification.
  • Create a sage vinegar by filling a bottle with crushed sage and malt vinegar. Store for 6 weeks, shaking at least twice a week. Strain and rebottle the resulting liquid.


Cinnamon is an aromatic bark that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. It has an energetic effect that is warm and comforting. It is also known to create heat in the body on a physical level and is utilized to deal with colds as well as to improve circulation. It can also be ingested in order to promote menstrual flow, reduce inflammation, and lower blood sugar levels.

  • Sprinkling cinnamon into your baked goods will help attract good luck.
  • Wrap a pretty ribbon around a few cinnamon sticks and display them in your main living room to keep the love flowing through your home.
  • Cinnamon can be used in cooking whenever a boost is needed for love, protection, money, or good luck.


Mint is a flavorful herb that has an energy that is revitalizing, refreshing, and energizing. It is a herb that has a cooling effect on the body. Mint can be used to help with headaches, reduce inflammation, and even has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It can be used as a complex flavour within both sweet and savoury dishes and can also be enjoyed as a simple and delicious herbal tea infusion. Mint grows easily and abundantly so it is well worth your while to include this plant into your magical culinary garden, it can be easily dried and stored; your pantry will be full of mint in no time.

  • Savor a cup of hot mint tea to feel revitalized and improve your physic abilities
  • Add mint to your savoury dishes to bring in more money
  • Create a mint sauce or jelly to go along with your meat dishes


Cacao is the most magical ingredient to have in your pantry; it is the raw and pure form of chocolate. The energetic effect of cacao is heart-opening and mood-enhancing. It can also facilitate the release of emotions. Cacao can be used to help with depression and has many physical health benefits including strengthening the immune system, improving brain functioning, and can reduce high blood pressure.

This original form of chocolate is densely packed with so many beneficial nutrients and is a precious ingredient to have in your magical pantry. It is most often consumed as a thick hot drink in intentional ceremony but can also be used within your creation of potent sweet healing witchy treats.


  • Create a yummy breakfast smoothie using cacao
  • Bake delicious chocolate pastries by simply replacing chocolate with cacao
  • Indulge in a cup of cacao powder hot chocolate

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