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A Green Witch’s playground

is the garden

A Green Witch can be regarded as a witch whose magical practices are deeply connected to the earth. Green Witches focus on studying, growing, and utilizing various plants as part of their personalized practice. Green Witches also work with the elements (water, fire, air, earth, ether) and earth’s cycles (lunar and seasonal cycles). Green Witches are aware of the power of mother earth and channel this energy.

Many Green Witches are drawn to herbalism or homeopathy; they are often healers who focus on assisting the environment and assisting people and animals by using earthly energies and remedies. As a Green Witch, you will greatly benefit and enjoy having your very own magical garden. You can create a private garden and can regard all the earth as your magical garden. There are many ways to infuse magic into your interaction with the plant world by getting in touch with your magical garden

Growing and intentionally tending to your personal garden

Whether you are a Green Witch who has plenty of fertile land to plant on or you just have a windowsill, you can create a magical garden. The first key step is to intend to create your garden with absolute love and respect for the plants you grow, deciding that you will dedicate yourself to tending to the needs of these plants as best you can. You can also intentionally choose particular flowers, herbs, or foods that you resonate with and those that you would like to use within your practices. You can take extra effort to create a magical ambiance within your garden by including crystals, getting creative if you are planting in containers, and decorating the space with symbolic trinkets or sculptures. Become mindful of the time that you choose to work in your garden as planting and harvesting should take place at different stages of lunar cycles, planting is generally better during the full moon and waning moon phases, harvesting is best at new moon or during the waxing moon phase.

Learning more about the plants

Another way to welcome magic into your garden is by getting to know your plants on all levels. Intellectually researching their needs and uses as well as energetically engaging with the plants in your garden. You can get to know your plants through tending to and observing them as well as through sensory interaction with them. Using part of your chosen plant in cooking, teas, tincture or infusions as an oil or hydrosol (whatever is best suited to you and your chosen flower or herb).

Foraging, the earth is your magical garden

It is an amazingly rewarding practice to create your personal magical garden and it can be additionally empowering when you realize that the entire earth is our magical garden. You may live in a space surrounded abundantly by wild nature or in a city with smaller patches of nature, but either way, there are definitely some wild plants you can learn more about. Getting to know the plants within the ecosystem that surrounds you will increase your connection and awareness of just how diverse and interesting Green Witchcraft can be. You can learn about wild herbs that you can forage and ethically harvest (take only what you need and not so much as to damage the plant).

Connecting more intentionally with the earth and creating a garden is a magical process that can bless you and those around you with so many forms of magic; healing, health, abundance, and beauty!

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