Moon Rituals (Copy1642182760)

Timing of the Moon

We all know that timing is everything in life, so it stands to reason the same is true regarding the timing of the moon in ritual work.  

Waxing Moon:

Prosperity is PULLED IN by the waxing moon. Waxing means the moon is increasing or growing bigger towards being a full moon. This is the phase between a new moon and a full moon. Any spells or rituals focused on expansion, growth, new opportunities, financial increase etc., should be done during the waxing moon.

Waning Moon:

Poverty is BANISHED by the waning moon. This is the phase of the moon after the full moon and before the new moon. The moon appears to be diminishing in size. Use this waning moon for spells or rituals focused on eliminating debt, decreasing your money woes, and removing any obstacles that are blocking your business’s success.

The Four Quarters of the Moon:

The 1st quarter starts with the new moon. At this time, the moon, the earth, and the sun are all in alignment to start a new lunar cycle. This is the best time to launch a program or start a new project. When visible, the moon will appear as a slim crescent. It rises at sunrise and sets at sunset.

The 2nd quarter begins halfway between the new moon and the full moon. This is a good time to focus on expansion, growth, patience, and peace. The moon will be visible as a half-circle, rising around midday and setting around midnight.

The 3rd quarter starts with the full moon and rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. This is the best time to focus on empowering any projects or ventures that were started during the new moon, and for enhancing knowledge, money, protection, and intuition. Two days after the moon is full is starts to wane. This energy is best for banishing illness, health, healing, and stress.

The 4th quarter starts halfway between the full moon and the new moon. It rises at midnight and sets at noon. This timing is best for justice, endings, and limiting expansion.