Bath & Body Rituals (Copy1642182758)

Rituals for business Success & Prosperity

Every culture throughout the world has its own rituals. From dancing rituals for rain, to naming rituals for their children. Rituals have been used for healing, protection, ensuring a good harvest, and for favorable outcomes.

Rituals are different from single spells in that they are more of a lifestyle action. They involve more elaborate steps, may include a spell, & have a structure to them, like casting a circle or calling upon patron deities, ancestors, etc. Because they take more time to enact, more energy is raised. The higher the energy, the more potent the magic.

Rituals are a set of actions or the creation of tools, that can be repeated at other times, for example, a Full Moon Ritual can be repeated at every Full Moon.   

The rituals that follow will help your business succeed & prosper…