Infinite Witch

Lunar Abundance Rituals for the Witch that Desires More

What is it that you truly desire?

Abundance can mean different things to different people…

  • More wealth
  • Improved health
  • Better business
  • Good luck
  • Deeper love

Whatever abundance means for you, whatever you desire, these monthly lunar spells will help you achieve it.

When you join Infinite Witch your name will be included in a group New Moon monthly ritual for abundance. These rituals include candle and intention magick.

New Moons are portals to manifest our desires. This year, 2022 has 13 New Moons!

On the New Moon each month you can choose to do your own manifestation ritual, or choose to energetically tune in to the group ritual.

With a group ritual, you don’t have to worry about buying supplies or remembering the dates of the New Moon.

As with most things energetic, how these rituals will play out in your life will vary. Sometimes the results can be seen within 24-48 hours and other times they may take a few weeks to show up.

While I do the group ritual for you, you will still need to take aligned action to achieve your desires. 

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Hi, I’m Libbii!

As a practicing witch and a witchpreneur with over 30 years of experience, I remember what it was like to start out on my own witchy journey.

In today’s modern world, information is literally at our fingertips, but this often leads to information overload. There are so many books, too many websites, and every witch you speak to has a different opinion.

It’s my goal to help you on your path without overwhelming you; to provide you with simple and necessary resources designed to help you enchant your life with magick on a daily basis.

I have learned to fuse practical magic with spiritual magick to create a life that I love on my own terms. Now it’s my pleasure to support and guide you as you embark on your own journey.

Are you ready to be an Infinite Witch?