Magick 101

Understanding Magick

When most people think of magick, they typically think of elaborate feats of impossibility. But therein lies a problem: magic is actually not that hard. Anything and everything we do can be magical – all we have to do is acknowledge that the magic already exists. 

Magic is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Being aware of your energy and the energy surrounding you, practicing mindfulness, and living in the moment, will all help you to see and feel the magic that is around you.

Magick is centered around the belief that within everyone lies an entire cosmology that echoes the expanse of the universe, i.e. the microcosm symbolizes the macrocosm.

Many belief systems and cultures throughout the world have explored the concept of a flowing life force energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as Qi. In Hindu philosophy, it is called Prana. This energy is proof of existence that flows through all-natural things.

To test this out for yourself, rub your hands together quite vigorously until you feel them get warm. Then place your hands about 2 inches apart and notice the sensation you feel between them. Moving your hands further apart and then closer together again will help you feel the ball of energy pulsating between your hands.