Divination Tools

Definition of divination

1: the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers

2: unusual insightintuitive perception

Divination is both a Ritual and a Tradition

It is a cultural practice found throughout the world as a way to obtain answers to personal or social dilemmas. It can be:

  • Diagnostic = It offers advice, guidance, and/or rules to be followed
  • Forecasting = It can predict future events
  • Interventionist = It can intervene with a person’s spiritual and physical health and/or destiny

Divination can be done with items (pendulum, tea leaves, etc.) or through our bodies (astral travel, mediumship). In this lesson we’ll discuss candle divination, pendulums, astrology, altars, runes, and sigils.