Rituals vs Rich-uals

Rituals are magical acts of intention that we can repeat whenever the need arises. Rituals connect us between the different realms of magick

All the rituals and recipes that I have included in this portal are for the sole purpose of attracting prosperity and abundance.

Remember that you are an extension of your business. When you take care of yourself, your business is also taken care of.

For each of the Bath & Body recipes, you’ll need to understand that the ritual begins the moment you gather the ingredients and set your intention to create the recipe. Everything you do, say, or think, will be tied to your desired outcome. So be sure to keep your business and its success at the forefront of your mind as you begin.

I have included a variety of recipes to give you a wide platform from which to start. Most of the ingredients will be found in your pantry or can be bought at your local grocery store. I have deliberately kept these simple to eliminate any stress.