VIP Attendee Bonuses

Hey hey! I’m so excited that you joined us for this year’s Collective Witchery Summit. 

When you purchased an upgraded ticket, you also got lots of extra goodies, and these are listed for you below.

VIP Attendee Bonuses

Hey hey! I’m so excited that you joined us for this year’s Collective Witchery Summit.

When you purchased an upgraded ticket, you also got lots of extra goodies, and these are listed for you below.

The goal of the Collective Witchery Summit was to provide attendees with tips and strategies to enchant and empower their lives, their businesses, and their environment.

The speaker categories were similar to the 9 core subjects covered inside The Collective Witchery Membership portal, namely:

1. Green Witchery: gardening, hobby farming, flowers & herbs

2. Kitchen Witchery: cooking, preserving, creating natural household products

3. Wellness Witchery: essential oils, herbal remedies, creating natural health & beauty products

4. Oracle Witchery: divination, tarot, intuition, psychic awareness

5. Energy Witchery: EFT, Reiki, Akashic Records, etc

6. Soul Witchery: witch wound, soul development

7. Biz Witchery: witchpreneur, building a witchy biz

8. Leadership Witchery: leadership, empowerment, diversity/inclusivity

9. World Wide Witchery: cultural appropriation & education, volunteering, creating a movement

As part of the Summit bonuses, you received a 7-day trial membership to The Collective Witchery membership coven. Please click on the link below for the membership site, add the Monthly Membership to your cart, and then enter in this coupon code: SUMMITTRIAL

The Membership site can be viewed at:

To watch the replays of the presentations, sign in at The Collective Witchery Summit site here:

Anissa Cosby

Full Moon Releasing Ceremony Masterclass

We bask under the full moon at least once a month, but what do we do while giving Her honor?

The Full Moon is the perfect time to release your burdens, insecurities, and more.

“But where do I start?”

With this Full Moon Releasing Ritual Guide & Masterclass, you get a guide and 20-minute masterclass on how to complete a full moon releasing ritual right at home. Most tools are readily available!

The best part? You can do this ritual ANY time, not just during the Full Moon.

Cyrene Krey

Find Your Spirit Critter Mini-Course

Find and connect with your spirit critter in a new and unique way! This mini-course includes lessons on what a spirit critter is, an overview of the differences between seasonal and lifelong spirit critters, and four of the best methods for finding yours.

Fiona Wong

1-year membership to The Guided Voyage + a Human Design reading

This is a one-year subscription to The Guided Voyage, a Human Design membership with over 40 bite-sized videos on both basic and advanced topics within the system. You’ll also get a bonus private reading with me.

Helen Treacy

The Identity Workbook

As per Helen’s presentation; Identity is a MASSIVE part of chronic pain and health conditions and before you can begin to really shift it on a deeper level you have to know where you’re starting, and how you want to change it.

This workbook contains a few of the exercises Helen works through with her clients to help them get a grip on who they are now, and who they would like to be, and what’s possible for them.

Kirsty Lucinda Allan

Purrfit: Live Group Workshop

Join Kirsty in a live group coaching-style workshop where sh can guide you along the Purrfit path in real-time, answering personal questions to explore your inner cat goddess.

The number of participants per workshop will be limited, to ensure quality group interaction. Therefore, dates will be offered as required.

The group session(s) will be arranged for just after the summit ends. Participants will be invited via email and provided with worksheets in advance.

If you’re interested in the workshop, please email Kirsty at:

Nikki Kirby

Allowing The Phoenix to Rise

Allowing the Phoenix to Rise is Lady Nikki Kirby’s speech she spoke in the 2020 Authentic Leadership Conference.

She discusses how you can transform your fears into positive action, and rise from the ashes to emerge as the Divine Being you are.

Stephanie Neal

Self Discovery Through Shadow Work Workshop

Self Discovery through turning up-side-down the Nine Virtues and common statements made to us throughout our lives.

This teaching is an opportunity for transformation by showing you how to untangle from attachments and embrace the joy of living life with full expression and awareness.

Allowing yourself to discover your hidden abilities while nurturing your true nature through seasoned precepts presented by Stephanie Leon Neal, First Priestess of the Correllian Tradition.

Connect with Stephanie at or at her website:

Or on Facebook at:

Val White

“Happiness Hunting: A Thirty Day Practice” Audio Book

Everyone wants to be happier, but most people feel that they are WAY too busy to invest time and energy into a program or practice that requires a large commitment…

With “Happiness Hunting” you’ll get 30 days of audio recordings with short (under 10 mins), yet POWERFUL ways to shift your perceptions daily to lead you to a happier version of yourself. Includes daily journal prompts and affirmations!