Welcome To The Collective Witchery

Fusing Practical Magic with Spiritual Magick

Invoke Your Inner Witch & Conjure The Life Of Your Dreams with Mystery, Magic, & A Little Mayhem

The Collective Witchery offers an unconventional approach to learning the witchery arts, because – let’s be honest – witches are the epitome of unconventional. We’re empaths and trailblazers, sages and mages, rebels, and revolutionaries…and we all have busy, modern, lives. For too long our voices have been hushed and our gifts suppressed. As the world shifts into a new paradigm, the time of the witch is now.

“Love you, Libbii! You connected me with my path and I found a Coven!!”


Let’s Get Witchy!


The Witchpreneur Magick Book

This book is for anyone who wants to start or grow a business with a magical twist.

If you’re a witch, pagan, or simply spiritual and want to infuse your business with magic, this book is for you.

We’ll discuss how to use your unique powers to create a thriving business that makes money and serves the greater good.

The Spell of the Month Club

The Club is a great, affordable place to start on your witchy path. Every month you’ll receive a downloadable spellbook full of magickal enchantment with pages on the following:

  • A ritual or spell
  • A deity
  • A crystal and its healing properties
  • A plant and its magickal properties
  • An alchemy oil, potion, or incense recipe
  • Monthly Tarot spread
  • Monthly Journal prompts

The Witchpreneur Academy

The Witchpreneur Academy is a year-long membership focused around the four business quarters and their four corresponding elements. Each month you’ll learn an aspect of business and an aspect of witchery.

You’ll receive unlimited access to:

  • The Spell of the Month Club
  • Business Witchery Training 
  • Crystal Witchery for Business
  • Tech Witchery
  • Monthly Business Templates
  • Group Mentorship Calls

The Spirit Animal Collective

Monthly Spirit Animal guide and journal subscription that you can download or print out. Each month you’ll receive a guided journal for a different Spirit Animal:

  • How to connect with the Spirit Animal
  • How to know if the Spirit Animal is trying to message you
  • What it means to dream of the Spirit Animal
  • What the Spirit Animal represents
  • Journal prompts
  • Spirit Animal affirmations

Soul Biz Witchery by Design

I help Creative Entrepreneurs, who struggle with uniting their inner Muse with their inner CEO, to achieve a successful creative business, by guiding them to step into creative alignment with their Soul. I offer the following ways to work with me:

  • Human Design Readings
  • Magick By Design Package
  • Creative Boost Email Coaching
  • Quantum Alignment System Coaching
  • Private Soul Biz Witchery Consulting

Hi! I’m Libbii!

As a practicing witch and a witchpreneur with over 30 years of experience, I remember what it was like to start out on my own witchy journey.

In today’s modern world, information is literally at our fingertips, but this often leads to information overload. There are so many books, too many websites, and every witch you speak to has a different opinion.

It’s my goal to help you on your path without overwhelming you; to provide you with simple and necessary resources designed to help you enchant your life with magick on a daily basis.

I have learned to fuse practical magic with spiritual magick to create a life that I love on my own terms. Now it’s my pleasure to support and guide you as you embark on your own journey.

“Libbii, thank you so much. I feel as though you are going to be my witchy momma!”


It's time to step out of the broom closet!

Come with me on this magical journey as you become empowered with spiritual, holistic, and magickal tools to invoke your inner witch so that you can unleash your personal magic, create a deeper connection with the universe, and conjure a life you love on your own terms.

“I love being in the Spell of the Month Club. It’s helped me get started on my path.”